• Alumni Dues for 2016-17



    Members receive:

    • Voting Privileges for both the Housing Corporation and the Gamma-Kappa Alumni Association
    • Alumni Directory at the end of the year
    • Dues help pay for Alumni Newsletter Mailings and Alumni Events


    Yearly dues are $50

    Young Alumni (Alumni who have been out of school 4 years or less) are $30

    Lifetime dues are $1000, payable over four years

    Alumni 65 and Older: Lifetime dues of $500, payable over two years


    Please send your dues to:
    Gamma Kappa Alumni Association
    5407 Quincy St.

    St. Louis, Mo. 63109



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    If you pay online you will be charged extra to cover the percentage that we are charged to use a credit card.  If you pay online it will cost the following:

    Yearly Dues--$52

    Young Alumni Dues--$32

    Lifetime Dues Payment--$258

    Lifetime Dues--$1030

    65 and Older Lifetime Dues Payment--$258

    65 and Older Lifetime Dues--$515



  • Alumni Dues